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"The Director" 


Kayla A. Stubbs was born on September 21, 1991 in Miami, Florida. At the age of 9, she began dance training

in the styles of ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap and belly dance, at Dancer’s Gallery in Pembroke Pines, Fl.

Throughout her 4 years at the studio, she was able to join the hip-hop company under the instruction of members from the "Live in Color" dance group, Teddy Brown and Calvit Hodge (choreographer to Camila Cabello). 


After coming to Atlanta in 2007 to finish high school, she decided to pursue musical theatre which allowed her to explore singing, dancing and acting in one environment. By the end of senior year she had performed in 4 musical numbers and a Senior demonstration.

Soon after, Kayla began her studies in Communications at Columbus State University in August of 2010, where she joined The Columbus Ballet in order to continue her dance training and gain a stronger ballet foundation under the guidance of Maria Hirsch.

For the duration of the four years she was able to perform in 8 performances of The Nutcracker, and gain a solo en pointe for two consecutive years. She began her dance instruction the summer of 2011 as a camp instructor for Elegant Emeralds in Newton County, then as a camp core instructor at Gotta Dance Atlanta, under the direction of Cici Kelley, and continued until the summer of 2015. She continued her instruction after joining the Eagles Landing Dance Center (ELDC) for the 2015-2016 dance season. Not stopping there, Kayla pressed forward to provide dance instruction to young students throughout the metro Atlanta area. 


Currently, she is the owner and founder of Dancer's Dreamhouse, re-established in 2022, where she focuses on the growth and fulfillment of all her dancers. As her program expands throughout the surrounding communities, she plans to share her experience, passion, and dream, with all those who are willing to learn. 

Mission Statement

To build a place where dancers can call

“home”. To develop confident humans who can go forth in

life and conquer, with their heads held high and their feet

planted firmly on the ground; shining a light with every step

they take. To create a place where our Black, Brown, Latino, Asian, Native American, and White children, can flourish into the amazing dancers...people they will become. Where the color of their skin and cultural backgrounds, can be represented equally, so future dancers alike can see themselves in them. 

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